May 7, 2011

Back with treats!

Some of the treats that we have come home with:
Fresh home grown garlic, lemons and figs bought from a beautiful Italian mamma.
Oranges picked less than 3 days ago - $5 a bag!
Honey that is so divine I am not sure that I will share the 'Orange blossom' flavour with my family.
Two lots of chutneys because I just couldn't resist (or choose which was best).
Olive tapenade to go with the beautiful fig and walnut loaf!
3 year aged tasty cheese that melts in your mouth.
And a tummy full of organic coffee and biscotti - I can't wait to go back next month.

Oh yes and of course flowers, apples and strawberries. These strawberries I was told will not disappoint and they don't -they are delicious and grown with out chemicals. Bye bye methy-bromide (which is what is usually sprayed on strawberries to prevent the bugs eating them first).

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