About Fiona

Hi, I'm delighted that you've come to check out my blog.
I'm a Melbourne Naturopath and have been in clinical practice since 2004 - I completed a four year Bachelor of Health Science degree and continue to further my professional education regularly.

I have always had a keen interest in health and a life long passion for nutrition and whole foods used as medicine - it just makes sense! I also see exceptional results with the use of Nutritional and Herbal medicine. I'm an accredited member of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society (ATMS) which is Australia's largest professional association.  Being an ATMS member and qualified means that you can claim your consultation fee and regain a health rebate, dependent on the coverage you've chosen.

I'm a mum of two small children and I understand the busy hectic lives we all live - but I have the tools and knowledge to support myself and you too.

I have a keen interest in treating Fertility, PMT, Stress, Anxiety, Chronic fatigue and Gut complaints.
Also, I have expert knowledge in helping women support themselves during pregnancy, post-natal care and of course couples in achieving fertility naturally and through IVF.

I can even give you advice, information and achievable tools on achieving wellness or any other health problems you may like to discuss. 

Do something for your health. Contact me to help you facilitate action.
Best in Health and Wellness
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