February 7, 2015

Have you arrived yet? Five Fabulous points to get you back in the Swing

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How to stop feeling blah after returning to work -:
Here are some tips

Set a goal for your next holiday; it gives you something to look forward, something to be excited about and gives you an concrete goal, which we know always makes us feel a sense of contentment and happiness.

Allow for good quality and proper sleep; be sure to have healthy bed hygiene, clean sheets, decluttered bedside table, fresh air whilst sleeping, remove electronic devices. Waking refreshed and rejuvenated gives you the energy to face the normality of life again.

Keep a clean and fresh diet; enjoy lots of fresh vegetables and plenty of water to maintain high energy levels and combat the post holiday slump.

Spend time with close family and friends; share your holiday stories and relive the exciting or lovely time you had exploring, relaxing, visiting unique places. Positive memo ries give us pleasure and will chase the post holiday blues away.

Supplement with a good quality complex B vitamin which will provide you with energy to combat the return of the busy routine that is ahead of you, it will also help uplift your mood if the stress has already kicked in.

What's your go to to get you back on track?

November 18, 2013

Are you following a Health Guru?

Quinoa and Feta lunch

I was absolutely chuffed to find myself as one of the Top 10 Health Gurus on Instagram this weekend. It was a really lovely surprise to see one of my meals in the cyberworld. And a big congratulations to the other gurus ;)

I like Instagram, its simple and easy to use and it gets my message across -
Health is Easy and food doesn't need to be over the top. 
You can follow me here.

I'm traditionally a simple eater, even as a girl I preferred my 'aussie' nanna's cooking; steamed veg and meat over my mums intricate Italian delights, my acquired tastes have changed over the years but healthy food can be really easy and definitely stress free.

I love healthy whole food that is good for me, flavoursome, clean and nutritious, just adding more vegetables and a decent douse of good quality cold pressed olive oil onto a dish improves its quality tenfold. 

I love looking in the fridge thinking 'there's nothing to eat' and then whipping up some tasty nutritious meal, there is always something to fill your belly full of nutrients which will fuel your body. What are some easy dishes you throw together?

November 11, 2013

Supplement Shake-up

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I love taking my vitamin and mineral supplements because they work. 

I take them at therapeutic doses, I know exactly what they do for me and what I need them for, after all I am a Naturopath. I studied for four years at University learning about this stuff; doses, pathways, interactions, contraindications, actions, indications. Apart from learning at University, I've spent over 10 years in clinic and working with people seeing results and the benefits that proper prescribing can do. In effect I've been doing my own clinical studies and trials for a decade.

Do you know why you are taking those supplements that your neighbour told you to take?
Or the lovely girl at they health food shop?
Or the supplements you picked up at the supermarket because they were on special?
The TV advert, said that some fish oil would reduce inflammation! But are you taking the best quality and more importantly are you taking therapeutic doses that work? Do the vitamins living in your pantry even have therapeutic doses? Believe me I see brands (well known too) that don't have enough folate to protect you or your baby from spina bifida and they are charging you more than proper practitioner only products. Professional advice is the best advice.

The Health and Wellbeing Industry industry is a 20 billion dollar industry! Are all the sales and marketing slogans really working for you or do they want you to contribute to a piece of the pie? 

I will share with you my professional opinion and help you save your health and your money by conductiing a Supplement Shake-up and teach you if you need to take the supplements that you've accumulated.
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If you have loads of bottles of Vitamins and Minerals in your cupboards at home and want to know why you need to take them, come in and see a professional. 

Monday 25th November Supplement SHAKE-UP day

Bring your shopping bag of stuff into my clinic and I will sit down and go through it with you.
Why are you taking it?
What it will assist with?
What dose will achieve results?
Do you even need it?

Call me 0408 397 298 to book your appointment, it'll be the best $40 you've ever spent.