April 24, 2011

HAPPY EASTER - here's what's good about it!

Did the easter bunny come to you? I hope so because chocolate has so many benefits, it isn't all bad however remember all in moderation. I heard Michelle Bridges (Australia's fitness guru) claim that it takes a half an hour walk to work off one egg, so remember to enjoy and taste the ones you eat.

Here are some benefits of chocolate that should make you feel better about over indulging.

  • Chocolate contain antioxidants.  Antioxidants protect the body from ageing, sickness and help reduce blood pressure.
  • Chocolate can reduce blood pressure, making chocolate good for your heart.
  • Chocolate makes you feel good.
  •  Chocolate gives you a feeling of pleasure.
  • Chocolate is a mood enhancer and makes us feel happy.
  • Chocolate can give you energy.
  • There is also evidence that it may increase your sexual desire.
  • And most importantly chocolate tastes good!

Happy easter I hope you have a fabulous break, with lots of love, rest and of course chocolate.

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