April 18, 2011


  • Hello AUTUMN, crisp cool mornings, beautiful days and fresh evenings all make you feel alive. But does your body feel at it's BEST? Come IN for an Autumn REFRESH - prepare YOURSELF for the winter to come.
  • Want to get PREGNANT? Boost your ANTIOXIDANT intake that includes VITAMIN C, VITAMIN E, also ZINC, MAGNESIUM and FOLATE
  • SHARE our PAGE with your friends and the 75 MEMBER will receive a FREE initial Naturopathic consultation.
  • The ONE thing to do this week! Don't cross contaminate your ORGANIC food - remember to WASH your ECO-bags (regularly).
  • Tomorrow is TOSS out Tuesday - CLEAR some clutter and make yourself feel LIGHTER. What will you toss out?
  • Reuse. Remake. Recycle.
  • Do you have a fussy eater? Nutrition Australia says you may need to try a food up to 8-9 times over a few weeks before they decide whether or not they like it. Persistence is the key.
  • I love CHICKPEAS. They contain saponins, a group of SUPER-NUTRIENTS that act as ANTIOXIDANTS. Also, a good source of FIBRE - 42% of our daily intake in ONE CUP. Add them to your salad today.
  • Only 20 members to go before you get a free treatment - share with your friends’
  • Sending our love to those in JAPAN. For the rest of us it is a great time to appreciate our lives and remember not to take our life for granted. Be positive and smile everyday.
  • Research has shown that when we are CRAVING a certain food that if we imagine the SMELL & VISUAL of EUCALYPTUS your food craving can GO! Try it and tell us if they are right next time you have a craving.
  • Happy St Pat's Day. Celebrate with a glass of Stout - full of FLAVOR and VITAMINS - the Irish would have you believe!
  • Congratulations Kappy Hay on winning the FREE initial Naturopathic Consult - you have received a message in your inbox. Well done.
  • Beans beans beans - SOYA BEANS contain all of the essential amino acids making it a (near) complete PROTEIN. Also they contain ISOFLAVONES, which are good for BONE HEALTH.
  • Save ENERGY and our ENVIRONMENT. Remember to turn off lights when not in the room! SWITCH OFF at the powerpoint when away for the weekend! Switch to ENERGY-SAVING GLOBES - emissions are 70% less with the SAME amount of LIGHT.
  • Remember to BREATHE.....................
  • Do you know anyone affected by Black Saturday. They are able to apply for health and wellness vouchers to see whatever type of practitioner they choose. Want a Naturopathic treatment you can come see me.
  • ohhh - Friday night drinks may be on the cards for some of you - remember drink a glass of WATER on arrival so you don't scull your first drink for rehydration, this will help you enjoy your drink at the end of the week! WATER between drinks ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your night!
  • Earth Hour TONIGHT - make your environmental stand and turn out.
  • Monday here it is - going with the environmental theme keep it MEATLESS!
  • What a splendid SUNNY day - hope you Melbourne peps got out and about to soak up some VITAMIN D rays! If not eat the skin off of your CHICKEN & FISH, they can be a great source of Vitamin D.

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