August 29, 2013

Food For Fuel - it's really that easy

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Modern diets are a major contributor to acidity in the body as they contain more acid producing foods, this in turn makes you feel sluggish, and slow, it makes your mental clarity cloudy and doesn't give you the best start to your day or give you the best advantages in life.

Alkalise your body, be the BEST you can, I recommend: 

   Eat at least 6 serves of seasonal vegetables
   Eat 2 serves of fresh fruit in a variety of colours
   Eat 3 serves of protein including fish, eggs, lean meat & legumes
   Include 2-4 serves of raw nuts, seeds & cold pressed oils
   Limit grains & dairy products as these are acid forming
   Drink at least 2 litres of  filtered water

It really is that EASY - Life is really simple if you get rid of the crap blocking your was including the acid fuelling food. Eat right and get the most out of LIFE

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