March 18, 2013

Energy Packed Power Smoothie

This Energy Packed Power smoothie is full of antioxidants and gives you a perfect energy boost. The PROTEIN keeps me full and is important for building and repairing ALL my cells in my body, it's especially good for nervous system maintenance, muscle repair, immune system support and lots more! The COCONUT OIL is great for my metabolism, my skin and my gut – it's anti-microbial for the gut. Maca powder gives more energy and regulates hormones. The cacao is fantastic for energy, metabolism, and anti-oxidants. The LSA (Linseed, Sunflower seeds, Almonds) is full of fibre, good fats and will feed the good bugs in my gut. You really can't go wrong - try one and you too will fly!


1 banana
1/4 cup frozen raspberries
1 heaped tsp maca powder
1/2 tbs raw cacao powder
1 scoop protein
1 tsp coconut oil
1 tablespoon LSA
1-2 Cups of Water/Milk - almond/Coconut Water

Method: Pop all ingredients into your blender or use a stick blender, until smooth and pour into a long glass. It’s a perfect breakfast smoothie that will keep your energy up, maintain your day and improve your health, it may seem like a little extra effort to begin with but the benefits will pay off - you'll feel more energised, recovery will be easier and you'll maintain energy through out your day, your brain and body will thank you for it. 


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  1. This sounds very tasty and I will be trying it!