December 10, 2012

Exercise & Making the most of it

Working out is wonderful for all aspects of your body, mind and soul. Some say it makes them feel amazing, some work out because they want to loose weight, some workout for the benefit of their body looking and feeling good and some work out to clear that junk mail from their head!

I work out for all of the above (although ultimately I want a stronger, fitter and more toned body) I think I may need to work out more, but I am for 2-3 times a week

Here are some dietary tips for you to get the most out of your body and your work out:

    Hydration means water is essential! Drink enough water before you begin your work out it takes a few hours for water to absorb into your system and by being hydrated this helps move stagnant toxins out of the body which reduces disease, cellulite and fat stores.
   Protein is essential in building and repairing muscles. Many people don’t pay enough attention to eating the right amount of protein. Protein must be present at every meal for your body to function optimally. If you don’t, you are going to get very little out of your workout, both cardio and strength workouts require protein for building muscles. If you are not eating an amount of protein the size of your palm then I recommend using either whey or soy protein shakes as supplements.
   Carbohydrates are our body’s main source of fuel. If you do intense workouts, you will need carbs, or you won’t have enough energy to function at your best. Although the low-carb craze might say otherwise, carbs are an important part of your day. If you do a shake, be sure to include carbs, add some honey or a banana as it is a great source of low fiber/high glycemic carbohydrate that you need for exercise.
   Eat! The best way to recovery from your workout is to eat within the 30min post work out window. Glucose needs to be restored into the body and it will replace the glycogen stores that have been depleted from your muscles. Eating in this window will encourage muscle recovery, reduce soreness and pain as well as maintain your metabolism and aid in weight loss.
Have you thought about working out more? Maybe you should try our collaboration program, JCN and Barre body have teamed up, it’s called Bootcamp. Book in and begin to transform your body, it’s a great new years resolution.

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