November 21, 2012


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This year has been one of my busiest ever; baby number 2 arrived, I went back to work, we're renovating, a quick trip overseas, breastfeeding, raising two children and of course all the daily tasks and chores that need to be addressed to maintain our lives - shopping, cleaning, cooking, washing, breathing! 
My blog has suffered and I have been lucky to write a post a month! But in the back of my mind I've kept hearing myself telling me to MEDITATE. In fact some days it was screaming at me - just MEDITATE. I just kept thinking for me to achieve all of this and calm the chaos in my mind, if only I took the time to meditate.  But of course ask any busy mum, working woman or living soul - they often reply 'but I don't have time'. And of course we all know that this is the time that we really need to break away from the pack and do that, that we don't have time for.
So with thanks and gratitude to Mel from Soul Wellness and of course Deepak Chopra, I am halfway through the 21 Day Meditation Challenge. It is great - thank you thank you thank you.

First of all;

  • It's the beginnings of a new habit
  • It's making me take well needed time for myself
  • And it's only 15 minutes a day
And of course, there are studies and trials that endorse the daily act of meditating. Trials have even demonstrated physical changes in peoples blood pressure and stress levels, improving cardiovascular health! Reducing anxiety, improving concentration, improving ones sense of self love, and improving depression.

Once upon a time, along time ago, I use to meditate, daily, everymorning. It was bliss, to sit and let my thoughts wash over me or through me and let things go. It was peaceful. It was beautiful, and I felt like a better person for it. I was able to turn off what I called the 'junk mail' and begin my days fresh and clear. So hopefully through the challenge that I have begun, I will be able to restore and old welcomed habit.

Do you mediate? And what form do you use?


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