December 12, 2012

FIVE tips to WELLNESS over the Festive Season

I love the festive season it's great! We’re very lucky in Australia, it coincides with summer, it's warm, it's light, and it’s fun times. And with fun times come lots of social occasions with lots of eating and drinking! Here are some of my secret tips for you to have a successful and healthy festive season.

1. EAT: I know you all love food, and why not, after all it is the season to be jolly.
  • Portion control is your friend, taste everything, why not – but just a taste, you’re not eating for 10 men!
  • Make ‘healthy’ choices, avoid the deep fried option and go for the fresh sashimi instead
  • At home, eat lots of fresh food, lots of vegetables and salads, remember my 3 handful rule
  • Enjoy the warmth of the weather and eat lots of fish, steamed veg and salads of salad, drizzle olive oil
  • Try a green juice – let me know your thoughts
  • If you have indulged skip a meal and replace with a protein shake

2. DRINK: It’s inevitable at this time of year; even if you don’t drink you drink! Tips on the best way to combat drinking too much or feeling the effects of drinking:
  • On arrival drink a glass of water, it hydrates your body and makes you feel better for it the next morning
  • Alternate drinking a glass of water between each alcoholic drink
  • Drink plenty of water during the day, it’s summer after all
  • Drink organic herbal teas; make a jug of iced peppermint tea
  • Even opt for soda water in a wine glass – it will definitely put you in the party mood
  • If hung over try Dandelion tea to kick start that liver and aid in liver detox
  • Wake up this season to a morning dose of warm water and a tsp. of Apple cider vinegar – you won’t know yourself

3. EXERCISE: Oh yes you can, it’s the perfect time of year because you have TIME
  • Just 10 minutes of exercise will get you eating and feeling good for the rest of the day
  • Try something new – a yoga or Pilates class, a jog, go swimming, even stretching
  • Ride your bike to pick up the paper instead of driving
  • Make that catch up with your mate a brisk walk instead of a coffee date

4. REST: Its also a perfect time of year to rest, take time for yourself and rejuvenate those batteries, repair yourself and clear your mind, it will make for an easier 2013. Step away from the family; be kind to yourself do something EVERYDAY for you.
  • Write a journal
  • Meditate
  • Practice Stress relieving exercise
  • Bike ride, Swim, Walk, Run
  • Read a book

·     5. NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: Be kind to yourself, start your resolutions before the 1st of Jan
  • Make only a few, you then have a greater chance of sticking to them
  • Think about your life and what you would want, what you want to change and how you can do that
  • Think about your health and how you can continue to maintain it
  • Even think of doing a January Detox, it can clear that emotional and physical stagnation that isn’t allowing you to move forward.

   I wish you all the very best in health this Festive season and wish for you to Welcome the New Year with a fresh, hydrated, energized YOU. Happy Holidays.

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