May 16, 2011

Chicken soup - it really is good for the soul

Oh my feet are freezing and my fingers too. I have tried the star jumps (they usually work) but today I am making chicken soup. I guess it is one of my favourite things to do on these very chilly Autumn days. Is it still only Autumn - I can't believe we have months of 'keep warm tips' to come, maybe if I dream a little harder of that tropical beach holiday it will manifest itself!

Here is a quick chicken soup recipe, good to warm your bones, your sniffles and your soul.
Chicken carcass (ours is left over from last nights roast)

It's all pretty easy, as you may have worked out by now I'm a bit of a slap dash cook! What ever is in the house goes in and measurements are for the faint hearted.
I brown the onions in some oil, throw in the chicken, add some water, throw in the veggies, some salt and stock if you have some (I didn't today) bring to boil and simmer.

Eat with crispy yummy bread and butter.

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