March 21, 2011

Hints and Tips to make you think about your HEALTH

  • Bad breath? Eat a small pot of Natural Yogurt, which contains 'good bacteria' such as lactobacilli for a 2 week period and it can neutralise the 'bad' bugs that give you bad breath!
  • Hold on North Queensland thinking of you. Remember 'Rescue Remedy' will help calm your nerves and anxiousness. Keep safe.
  • Have a cup of Organic Peppermint Tea, not only is it refreshing and uplifting to the senses but it will also settle any upset tummies or gastrointestinal complaints. To seek benefits the herb must be in fused for at least 10mins.
  • Eat QUINOA - it has twice as much PROTEIN as brown rice and the MAGNESIUM can relax the blood vessels to ease potential migraines. What is your favourite grain?
  • Magnesium is not only great to help aid tired and over sore muscles but will help support you nervous system, so if you have a lot on your plate and anxiety is coming into play bump up your magnesium load. Do you know what foods can you get magnesium from?
  • Mosquito's? Try spraying Listerine (yes mouth wash) around the deck to protect you from being bitten. Have a good weekend.
  • Have you drank your 8 glasses if water today?
  • Time for a HAIR TREATMENT? Comb OLIVE OIL through your hair. Wrap a HOT wet towel around your head and let the warmth open up and moisturise the hair follicles, leave it for 20mins, wash with your favourite shampoo and conditioner. Tell us how beautiful and healthy your hair looks and feels.
  • KISS the one you LOVE. It helps our brain produce oxytocin which promotes a sense of CALMNESS and increases WELLBEING. Happy Valentines Day.xx
  • Feeling tired or run down, want advice on nutrition or even pregnancy? Book in for a health assessment or any underlying health problems. Come see me Lvl 1/99 Queen St City. 03 96709400 - 0408397298. Please tell your friends too.
  • Need a good solid SLEEP, have a glass of WARM MILK - the tryptophan in it aids sleep - your grandmother was right! Sleep tight
  • Have you had your exercise today? What was it? I had my circuit training and feel amazing for it!
  • Did you know that a brisk walk burns about 21 kilojoules a minute and if you turn that into an hour it is the equivalent of a half an hour run! And better still is that walking is far kinder to your joints than running.
  • For BEST results from EXERCISE - remember to EAT within the 30MIN window post exercise. Your MUSCLES will thank you and your ENERGY levels will be sustained through out the day.
  • How sporty are you? I spent the weekend at a Sports Nutrition Seminar are you up to date on what FOODS and SUPPLEMENTS are best for you? Take advantage of my current up-to-date knowledge. Call me for a consult 03 9670 9400.
  • We're getting bendy this weekend - a four day YOGA festival - what are your plans for exercise?

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