February 3, 2013

Oh my I'm locked in!

I am locked in. I'm detoxing and febfasting and surviving - although it's only Day3!
My febfast team has half a dozen committed souls which is a great inspiration and it's not too late to jump onboard here.
I have a facebook group open for the next 28 days which is full of support, tips and ideas on how to manage your detox and get the most out of it - you can join that here.

A detox is a great opportunity to take a break from alcohol, coffee, sugar, wheat - all those inflammatory causing agents, clear the Mind Body and Soul. And by doing febfast it's a great way to incorporate all of that and raise funds for youth and families with serious drug and alcohol related issues. I've written about the benefits of detox here.

As a naturopath and nutritionist I believe in detoxing our bodies for a variety of reasons:

General Detox - helps optimise our elimination organs function including liver function and assists in regeneration of new liver cells - yes our liver is the only organ which regenerates itself! Who says our body isn't amazing? It helps eliminate the cloudiness and stresses caused by alcohol consumption which essentially helps us combat the stresses of the year ahead.

Fertility - For women (and men) thinking of conceiving it is a perfect opportunity to prepare the body for pregnancy.

  • As alcohol intake increases, the chance of conceiving decreases! Truth. 
  • Alcohol can also cause a rise in oestrogen excess which leads to reduction of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) secretion which may affect ovulation!

Detoxing before conception reduces the chance of Pregnancy complications, Improves infant health and if Breastfeeding alcohol can affect bubs feeding and sleep patterns! Why wouldn't you detox before making your baby.

Weightloss - And detoxing can also help you reduce your waistline!

  • Alcohol is high in kilojules
  • When we drink we tend to snack on really unhealthy food choices - 'lets skip dinner and open another packet of chips', scenario.
  • Reduces your ability to think clearly and affects your willpower. 'C'mon lets have another..'
  • Leads to junk food cravings the next day - hello the likes of Macca's!

My reason for detoxing is my health, I want to balance my hormones and regulate my menstrual cycle, clear all of those hormones from my pregnancies and breastfeeding, and begin to feel alive. And here is a chat about the phases of detox It's tough to abstain from alcohol and chocolate but I've been waiting for this and I'm ready, but like everyone I need your support too. So it's great to be apart of the Febfast 28 Day DETOX - join in and help me help you.

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