June 7, 2012

Tips for new new mums

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As we welcomed a new baby son in October, yes it was really that long ago. Another beautiful boy to add to our family, I thought I would list some simple tips on how to keep a new mum sane!

'Tips to help settle into being a new mum' but I think you all know the golden rules.

  • First week (or first 3 months) be INDULGENT and loose all GUILT, sleep, accept all offers of help, have no shame just say YES and if you are not particularly good at it learn fast.
  • I can't emphasise enough how slow you should take it; REST. Think of the next three months as the fourth trimester.
  • EAT. Eat good healthy wholefoods, forget biscuits and cakes, eat real food, nurture your body. Almonds are a great to snack.
  • DRINK lots of water, keep rehydrated especially if you are breastfeeding, fill a jug of water to have on the bench and just keep topping up your glass through out the day
  • SLEEP and generally rest and hang with your baby.
  • Slowly reintroduce yourself back into the world and BE GENTLE with yourself DON'T PLACE UNREALISTIC GOALS ON YOU OR YOUR BABY.
  • Want that tummy to return to normal? Try these Belly belt it will be the best investment you can ever make and will help your uterus contract and your tummy retract. (Wish I'd known about this post my babies, I wore high waisted bike-like pants; it was very difficult to go to the toilet!)
  • Begin activating your PELVIC floor as soon as possible after the birth. The sooner you get started the sooner you will be in better shape in more ways than one. I wore these great high waisted 'contour shorts', yes very attractive but they pulled my uterus in much faster than after having my first child. Your tummy may never be the same as prior to pregnancy but CORE STRENGTH activation will certainly help.
  • Don't make too many rules or timetables as you may just come unstuck and no-one wants that, not you nor your husband/partner or family. Everyone does love a new mum and is only willing to help - Just ask.
  • Take a good quality SUPPLEMENT to help with your energy levels, best to see a health professional and be prescribed the correct therapeutic doses.
  • Get out of the house and WALK, breathe FRESH AIR and mostly ENJOY your new bub because as everyone says 'they grow up so quickly'!
  • Welcome to motherhood
What's your best tip for a new mum? 


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  2. Thanks Mish - where is your link? Add it! We need to send more mums to your excellent services.