May 26, 2012

Some things that make me tick.....

I love treating people and making a difference in their life, I love it when they respond and feel a new easier outlook on life. Naturopathy has given me the tools to be able to help people sensibly and see results with their health; it’s a great feeling when I hear that my patients are well and happy.

I believe in eating good food, wholefoods and of course fresh is at the top of that list. It gives me pleasure to eat quality yummy simple homemade food, sharing it with my family and friends. Food is an important role in my life, it allows nourishment, energy, conversation, socialisation and after all we eat 21meals a week, it should be enjoyed.

I love hanging out with my kids and spending time at the park, riding our bikes, laughing and walking. My children are healthy and I love seeing the world through their eyes.

I’m an avid yoga goer, I love the beach, fresh air and sunshine and one of my biggest loves is drinking tea!

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