June 21, 2011

Want to get pregnant? Preconception care

There comes a time when you may think about getting pregnant and maybe 'doing it' just doesn't do it!
So here are a few ideas to think about before you go 'doing it'.

First of all we are all very different, our health, our general make-up, our constitution so of course it is best to facilitate with a health care professional before hand so they can asses the best prescription for you and your partner.

Here are some general tips to help you conceive your baby.
Eat lots of wholefoods, fresh foods, home-made food
Rest and relaxation, enjoy spending time with your partner and enjoy getting jiggy
Reduce or even eliminate alcohol
Reduce caffeine
Reduce processed food intake
Stop smoking
Increase water consumption
Begin taking a vitamin B12 and Folate tablet
Increase your intake of EFA this includes flaxseed oil and fish oils but please take good quality fish oils, this means fish oils that have been tested for heavy metals contamination, PBA contamination and produced under strict guidelines.
Increase eating fish in your diet but again remember small fish are best, sardines, anchovies, mackerel because they don't tend to have mercury and toxic stores as larger fish can
Be kind to yourself and think positive thoughts
Even complete a detox and prepare yourself and your partner for your pregnancy - a healthy body = a healthy baby

Good luck on your journey, it will happen


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  4. Nice precautionary steps during pregnancy..this kind of tips help allot to happen Natural pregnancy.. My online Gynaecologist also suggested some smiler tips..

  5. Nice precautionary steps during Pregnancy this kind of tips help allot to happen Natural pregnancy

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