June 24, 2011

detox detox detox

Winter is pretty crazy and a great time to clean out the system. If you are feeling sluggish, slow, bloated, 'yucky' after eating, gassy or generally not functioning to your maximum capacity then maybe a detox is all you need. 
It doesn't have to be a full on crazy abstain from everything detox but a facilitated detox that helps your body remove toxins safely whilst keeping you healthy.

I usually put my clients on a (min) 6 week detox program. 
The first few weeks are spent removing bacteria, anti-microbials, yeasts and parasites form the gut, whilst supporting healthy gut function and preventing those yuckies from transferring back into the blood stream. All of this helps reduce bloating, gas and a feeling of discomfort.

The 2nd week begins the 'Renew' stage. This stage rebuilds normal gut integrity, eliminates heavy metal build up, and increases the detox load whilst restoring gut flora, and supporting a heathy digestive function. Without causing toxic overload on the other body systems.

In the final weeks, the 'Release' stage. Our liver has Phase 1 and Phase 2 action and at this stage Phase 2 detoxification of the liver is in full swing and we are activating optimal liver function, all 3 stages of the detox have been balanced and we feed the system with high dose anti-oxidants to restore optimal body system functions and that ability to be cleaned out in a safe and effective way making you feel great.

Give me a call/email if you are interested in taking on a detox and I can facilitate something like this for you.


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