December 9, 2010

Get ready here comes the festive season

Oh yeah December is here, Summer is here, Christmas party's are here and it's that time of year where everyone needs to see all of their friends that they haven't had time to see in the last 12months, which is most of their friends. It is a crazy time of year and here are some hints on how to make you feel better and fresher in the mornings after some of those get-togethers!

Water = Hydration. Drink water between drinks. On arrival have a glass of water, generally we arrive thirsty and slightly dehydrated to any party, the stress of getting there, being late, the heat, the anxiety of not drinking too much in front of the boss and your colleagues - it all contributes to you being thirsty on arrival. It is so easy after each alcoholic drink to add a water drink, so easy and ever so effective in beating that hangover.

Sleep with your bedroom window open - fresh air is incredible it helps aid a good nights sleep and also helps reduce toxic overload in the body. Get yourself a bit of that fresh O2.

The Arctic Blast. After your nice warm shower in the morning turn that hot water off and crank the COLD. Your whole body will be stimulated, your blood circulation and lymphatic system will be yelling 'Oh yeah - bring on the day'. You may go into a slight shock but it will be easily overcome and you'll feel great.

Breakfast, yes you have heard it before but it is the most important meal of the day especially in the silly season. It refuels you and gives your body and your brain energy and strength to get through these long, hot and busy days. A combined cereal breakfast that is high in protein is perfect. My favourite is rolled oats, pepitas, sunflower seeds and almonds, add half a chopped banana (or whatever fruit you have in the kitchen) with a dollop of natural yoghurt and a splash of milk. Delicious.

Take good quality B complex supplement. B vitamins are wonderful, they help create energy production, help nerve function and formation, they help metabolise other vitamins and minerals, they help with the production and formation of blood, they help with brain function - the list goes on.  Our bodies cannot store  B vitamins because they are water soluble  therefore it it wise to take a B complex every morning.

Exercise. This doesn't mean a 10km run everyday but just a casual half hour of something. A good way to incorporate exercise into this silly season is to ride your bike to the BBQ/Party or walk there. Easy and it saves you money on taxis, saves the environmental footprint of using your car and saves your licence from potential being lost if you drink one too many!

Have a safe and happy silly season.
What do you do to beat the overload of the silly season?

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