May 29, 2011

Food, food glorious food

Food is our fuel and we should really only put the best fuel in our bodies. 
Food gives us energy, stamina and ultimately life. This means we should try and eat as many wholefoods as we can. 
What are wholefoods? These are foods that come in there raw state you may like to think of them as food that grow on top of the ground or under the ground and that don't come in a packet! They include fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, chicken,whole grains, seeds, nuts. These are unrefined foods which means that there has been no processing involved in the production of these foods. 
It is best to avoid or limit refined foods from our diet. Refined foods are foods that have gone through some form of manufacturing cakes, biscuits, pasta, sausages, hams, salami, breads, soft drinks, pickled and canned items, lollies chips and muesli bars.

Eat more healthier wholefoods and feel great.

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