November 26, 2010

The best thing you can do for yourself – Body brushing

Summer is just around the corner and we all love to look and feel good.

The best thing about summer is unravelling from all of those layers and having your naked skin breathe again. Feeling the warmth of the sun and the breeze from the wind on your shoulders and swimming in the oceans, rivers and pools.

Our skin has been hybernating too, and is generally lacking lustre looking a bit dry, scaly, and even showing more signs of visible cellulite! Body brushing is the answer to beautiful healthy skin and generally feeling great. It's an easy and achievable routine which has many positive benefits including lymphatic drainage, improved blood circulation and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. It energises the skin improving its tone and rebalances all body systems.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is known to be the most important eliminative organ and is responsible for one quarter of the body’s detoxification each day. The skin aids your body in eliminating waste and it has a major responsibility in protecting your body, regulating your temperature and holding everything together. So it is the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency.

Health Benefits of Body Brushing:-

·      Removes dead skin cells
·      Cleanses and Stimulates the lymphatic system      
·      Stimulating blood circulation
·      Helps eliminate toxins from the body
·      Helps combat cellulite
·      Tones the muscles
·      Tightens the skin preventing premature aging
·      Strengthens the immune system
·      Encourages cell regeneration
·      Stimulates the glands helping all body systems perform at PEAK EFFICIENCY
·      Improves the function of the nervous system
·      Helps make your skin look great and help you feel great.

Every day dry body brushing will improve your health and help maintain your well-being.

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