October 28, 2013

A little jump gave a BIG bounce

Today is the last day of the "Feel Fabulous in 14". It's been an incredible journey, the group have been fantastic, thank you. 
Everyone is giving such positive feedback; in fact all that I promised. 
  • increased energy levels
  • reduced stress levels 
  • combatting cravings 
  • loss of weight
  • better sleep
  • feeling less stressed 
  • able to make clearer decisions
  • eliminating sugar
  • even clearing up chronic coughs 
  • brighter skin

The FB closed page had been abuzz with new recipes, support and tips to keep everyone inspired and motivated to achieve their individual goals. 
Through adjusting and changing a few key areas of each persons diet and lifestyle and adding the herbal and nutritional supplements, people have activated all elimination channels.
I'm really so proud of everyone for taking the leap and committing to this program for two weeks of their life. Well done. 
Some compliments I've received, which just make me smile;
'I feel great, thank you very much' 
'I have noticed lots if changes and feel fantastic, and it wasn't as difficult ad I thought'. 
'It wasn't too difficult'.
'It's cleared up a chronic cough'.
'I've lost weight, thank you, I feel great'.
'I feel clear, lighter and brighter'.
'People have commented on my skin and me looking fabulous (on my tired day too'.)
'I'm going to implement these changes daily, I feel so good'.
'I've lost my craving for coffee and I’m going to abstain from it'.

I want to say, thank you. You have all taken responsibility for your health, and your life, I congratulate you for taking the step towards health being life. 

For those that missed out, I will be conducting another group detox in feb/march next year. So keep it in mind and jump onboard 


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