September 25, 2013

Midweek Mates - Super Spring Salad

Andrew Sibley : Cleansing

I have a very good old friend - Jake Hoerner - we have eaten a lot together over the years, he has decided to share a really simple yet effective Super Spring Salad, it's perfect for these warm Spring days as a side or a lunch delight. It’s fresh, full of phytonutrients, beta carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, EFA’s and a bit of Protein.

Jake is a very busy man, he is the director of Kick Gallery a contemporary art gallery in Peel St, Collingwood, he lives his life on the run so loves this salad as it's 'bit of this bit of that...Shazaam!'


Carrot, Beetroot and Pine nut Salad 

3 Carrots 
1 Beetroot
50 grams of Pine nuts

Olive oil 
Salt & Pepper

‘This is a great salad that tastes healthy and is healthy!’ 

Grate the carrot and beetroot and then mix in a bowl until it is a combination of orange and purple is relatively even. Then in a separate jar or glass combine the lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper and stir - the quantity is relative to the amount of carrot and beetroot in the salad - and then add a dab of tahini to give an additional nutty flavour to the salad dressing. Pop in the pine nuts at the end and stir through and then shazam, Healthy Salad!

Let us know if you give this a go and what you think? I love it. It’s fresh, fun, light and flavoursome – a great side or lunch - Enjoy

If you are free this Thursday Kick is presenting one of Australia’s greatest living artists Andrew Sibley he has one many awards through out his career and it is a must see show – and tell Jake you loved the salad!

Andrew Sibley: Facial Terrain Passive 1971

Andrew Sibley: Facial Terrain III

Kick Gallery presents,

Andrew Sibley

Opening 6-8pm Thursday September 26 2013
To be officially opened at 6.30pm by Tim Abdallah | Head of Art | Menzies
Exhibition runs September 24 – October 12

Pivotal is the second exhibition of the work of Andrew Sibley at Kick Gallery. Once again this important exhibition highlights this pioneering artist’s exploration of ideas relating to the human condition and people’s relationships to each other. They are at times challenging in terms of subject, on other occasions full of whimsy and humanity, what binds the entire set of works is there unmistakable virtuosity.

The second of a series of exhibitions in the coming years that look back to look forward on how Australian art has developed, Pivotal continues to reaffirm and reassert Sibley’s preeminence as a modern Australian master.

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