August 5, 2013

Five Favourite Fertility Foods

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Eat an avocado a day.

Avocados: if you cut an avo in half – what does it look like? A pregnant woman’s belly with a bulging seed = fertility. The humble avocado is full of wonderful therapeutic fats, those ‘good’ fats that our bodies need. These fats are especially beneficial for healthy female reproductive organs and known to balance the hormones.

 Eat eggs daily they are a super fertility food.

Eggs: If you know me I love eggs. They are an excellent source of protein full of nutrients and two eggs equal a complete serve of protein, good quality fats and packed with fertility nutrients. Remember the best quality is best for you so try organic and definitely free range.

Eat Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon for fertility power. 

Fish: The perfect fish for fertility is Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon, it’s full of omega 3 fatty acids, it’s a high quality protein and packed with vitamin B12 and Iron; all the things needed for making babies. Be sure to pay the premium price because you do pay for what you get! Wild caught means that it has never been fed pink pellets to colour its flesh like some farmed salmon is – true story.

Eat seeds and nuts as an awesome fertility snack.

Seeds and Nuts: Good quality seeds and nuts are full of good fats, proteins and essential vitamins and minerals to get the fertility train moving. Try organic and definitely support local when purchasing. Pumpkin seeds or pepitas are especially high in zinc, which is essential for both males and females when it comes to excellent egg and sperm quality.

 Eat figs as a fertility treat. I love them fresh off the tree.

Figs: A real must for improving and boosting male semen, they’re quite specific for treating the male reproductive system, after all what do they look like! Eat them fresh, dried, baked, mix them with goats cheese or other culinary delights. They’re full of essential vitamins and minerals to help you reach your peak.

Of course baby making may not be that simple, so come in for a consult and we can tailor a pre-conception plan especially for you addressing you and your partners individual needs.


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