July 26, 2012

Brrr it's still Winter.....

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It's been a tough winter this year, there are not only one but two different viral strains floating around causing everyone to come down with some awful cold and flu like symptoms. It's not a bad thing for your immune system to be hit with a good dose of cold every few years, it actually strengthens it and makes you less susceptible the next season. However, supporting your immune system and taking action in preventing yourself from catching a cold is also wise.

Here're some tips:
1. Clothing; you may laugh and say 'but I always leave the house clothed' that you may but I suggest you invest in a good, long singlet that tucks in! It may be old fashioned but you need to be tucked in and your kidneys need to be covered. So simple and effective in keeping you warm and preventing a chill getting into you bones.
2. Covering your mouth when you cough! Another tip that may sound as simple as second nature, yet everyday I am out and about I see people coughing without covering their mouth, walking along coughing as someone is walking towards them, coughing on the train/tram. So simple so sensible and prevents airborne contaminates.
3. Washing your hands regularly, especially if you have come into contact with someone that has cold and flu symptoms.
4.Take a sick day - that's what it's there for, don't go to work if you are suffering from cold and flu symptoms, prevent contaminating others. Rest and convalesce at home, in the warmth of your own home. Stay inside in an even temperature.
5. Dose up on natural anti-bacterial foods including garlic and onions.
6. Eat lots of colourful fruits and vegetables, organic is best as they have higher concentrations of nutrients. These nutrient dense foods will stimulate your immune system and help support it.
7. Herbs to keep in the cupboard and dose up on over these winter months include; Echinacea, Olive leaf and always have some YEP tea(Yarrow, Elder, Peppermint) to help combat cold and flu symptoms including fever!!
8. Increase your intake of Vitamin C - it is the king anti-oxidant and is known to support the immune system and reduce the duration of cold and flu like symptoms. See your Naturopath to be informed of therapeutic doses
9. Other supplements that may help you ward off this dreaded beast is Zinc and Vitamin D, both will help support your immune system and keep you soldiering on.
10. Finally REST, it is winter and winter is about hibernation, enjoy this quiet time and re-charge your batteries.

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