September 27, 2011

Tips on how to Avoid Sugar

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  • Remove sugar from your coffee/tea – if it seems like a massive task start by reducing the amount of spoonfuls added.
  • Don’t add sugar to your cereal – it really is sweet enough!
  • Avoid Soft drinks – is it really necessary to have a ‘Coke’ or ‘Red Bull”? Try replacing it will a glass of water – this will better quench your thirst and rehydrate you.
  • Avoid Fruit poppers and packaged Juices – apart from the sugar in the Fruit added sweeteners have usually been added by the truckload. Try a piece of fruit instead – yes fruit has a form of sugar in it but it is a 'good' sugar.
  • Avoid packaged foods. Chips, Biscuits, Muesli Bars.
  • Make a batch of home baked muffins – you can then monitor the ingredients.
  • Eat fresh homemade popcorn as a snack add some olive oil.
  • Replace that afternoon chocolate bar with a piece of Dark chocholate – best if it is over 80% cacao – you will then get other benefits!
  • Cut out lollies and sweets at your desk and eat a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts (Almonds are best), a small container of ‘Natural’ yoghurt.