September 9, 2011

Eating for two?

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Lately I am speaking with more and more women who are claiming that they are adding over 20 kilos to their weight during pregnancy. I am finding this concerning as physiologically this is unnecessary; a pregnant woman should gain between 10-13 kilos during pregnancy.
When pregnant, a woman should concentrate on increasing her nutrient intake, rather than her kilojoule intake. This means forget the excuse of eating for two concentrate on diet quality rather than quantity. Continue and maintain your normal healthy diet – it doesn’t mean your growing baby needs cream buns, extra slices of choccie cake, double burgers with extra chips!
To maintain a healthy normal weight range you will only have greater benefits at the end of your pregnancy including feeling good as a new mum when you slip back into your pre-pregnancy clothes faster.
To get the best from your pregnancy and give your baby the best start to life seek advice from a Naturopath or Health professional and be advised of therapeutic doses and remedies.

Tips to prevent excessive weight gain:
  • Concentrate on diet quality rather than quantity.
  • Avoid the ‘eating for two’ syndrome this will lead to unnecessary weight gain.
  • A healthy pregnancy only requires approx an extra 850–1,100 kilojoules a day this is equivalent to a glass of milk or a sandwich! However you will need to increase your kilojoule intake if you are breastfeeding – still best to consume wholefoods rather than those cream cakes.
  • Accommodate cravings, but don’t let them replace more nutritious foods.
  • Keep physically active. If you exercise regularly there is no reason to stop your current exercise regime. Healthy body, Healthy mind, Healthy baby.
  • Nutrient requirements before and during pregnancy should include Folate, Iron, Zinc, EFA, Calcium and Iodine.
  • Drink plenty of fluids that means water!
  • Avoid alcohol, it is unknown what the ‘safe’ limit of alcohol consumption during pregnancy is and it’s recommended not to drink at all.
  • Do not smoke – both direct and passive smoking are associated with growth retardation, increased risk of spontaneous abortion, stillbirths, placental complications and low birth weight – making it a great one to avoid!
Be good to yourself and enjoy growing your baby. 

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