August 26, 2011

Spring bouncers in - 4 days to go!

Cellulite is the bain of most women’s thighs and there are some easy things to do to help reduce it! REALLY – SO TAKE A LOOK.
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1.WATER WATER WATER – get glugging! First thing of a morning, instead of reaching for your coffee have a warm cup of water with either a (big) squeeze of lemon or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It will stimulate the digestion by activating the bile duct, liver and pancreas. GOODMORNING

2. WHOLEFOODS WHOLEFOODS  - I know I say it in every health tip post EAT WHOLEFOODS, foods from above the ground, on the ground or from under the ground – not from a packet, no nothing else in them, nada, nothing, zip, zilch, just food!

3. EAT FRESH -I can’t emphasize the importance of fresh and raw. Remember to pile those plates high with lots of variety and colour, douse it with flaxseed oil or olive oil and vinaigrette. Eat lots of vegies, salads, fruits; that include vitamin C and anti-oxidant packed fruits including blueberries, blackberries, citrus and kiwifruit.

4. KEEP ON MOVING – exercise is the key to get that fat moving! It forces you to breathe, it stimulates the lymphatic system and your circulatory system, it shakes it all about and prevents stagnation. The best form of exercise to tone up those legs for summer is walking, running or cycling – so on your bike!

5. DRY SKIN BRUSH – one of my favourites – Dry skin brushing, use upwards strokes towards the heart and move everything on to your natural waste elimination channels. Search my blog and finds a whole article on this!

6. PAMPER THY SELF – Book in now for a massage, you deserve it, treat yourself. And of course the best type of massage to reduce the appearance of cellulite is a Lymphatic drainage. Wouldn’t it be lovely to schedule yourself in for one of those every month?

7. STIMULANTS - and not just the coffee type, although is has been known to come into play but try adding ginger and chilli to your meals. Or supplement with medicinal herbs such as Hawthorn berries, Gingko and Bacopa all will increase blood circulation to the peripherals and help breakdown cellulite.

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