January 2, 2011


Here it is - it's about to begin 2011.

The new year of 2011 is here and with it comes new beginnings, resolutions and change (as with every year) but make this year different.
Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.
Instead of proclaiming to stop things, quitting things and never doing things again be positive in your resolutions and contribute to change.
Eat healthier wholefoods instead of cutting out cakes and desserts. Try fresher homemade meals. Eat smaller portions instead of going on difficult and unforgiving diets. Enjoy organic produce and taste the flavour of foods.
Double your current amount of exercise, take on a new sport; yoga, swimming or the new Zumba craze instead of signing up for that expensive and potentially overwhelming gym membership. Walk more regularly and my favourite is just breathe.
Cut-down your current amount of cigarettes (or things you want to quit) instead of quitting or going cold turkey, this reduces the potential of failure and will help you feel better about what you are achieving.
Enjoy resting and spending time with loved ones this will help you achieve your work life balance, be kind to yourself and enjoy your new year.
What are some of the things you hope to achieve in 2011?

1 comment:

  1. This year my goal is rest. Rest and of course acheive things!